Beginners Guide to Successful Fishkeeping

Date Posted: 2022-06-15 18:01:01

Aquarium Basics

Starting an aquarium is a lot easier than you might think.
Like any hobby, the more you know about it, the more enjoyment you'll get from it.
So here are just a few aquarium basics to get you started.

How to SET UP a FRESHWATER aquarium

Step 1. Choose a suitable aquarium.
** Please keep away from direct sunlight and electronic goods.
Step 2. Fill the bottom with gravel
Step 3. Decorate the tank with plants and decorations.
Step 4. Add in water
** Please add the water slowly with help of a plastic foil (bag) to prevent unsettle of substrate.
Step 5. Install a filter and start to run it
Step 6. Install a lighting system
Step 7

  • Add in water conditioner (Eg. JBL Biotopol Plus,Tetra Aquasafe or Mydilab Tensiongon) to convert the tap water safe for the fish.
  • Test the water parameter such as PH, KH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate on the next day before add any fish into the tank.
  • ( If you encounter any problems, please contact CTY for more information )

Step 9. Start to introduce the fish


Introduce NEW FISH into an established aquarium

Step 1. Switch off the light and float the tied fish bag in the aquarium for 15minutes to ensure the water temperature in the bag is equilibrium with the aquarium
Step 2. Untied the bag and introduce some aquarium water into it so that the fish can adapt to the new water conditions

Step 3
• Gently net the fish into the aquarium and discard the fish bag with its water content
• Pour the fish into a pail, then only gently net the fish into aquarium
Step 4. Add water conditioner (Eg. JBL Acclimol) to the water immediately to quickly reduce any stresses caused during transportation and avoid damage to the vital mucous membranes  of the fish
Step 5. Switch on the lighting after 10minutes


Simple steps in performing partial WATER CHANGE (10%-20%) once a week

Step 1. Switch off the filter  and light
Step 2. Siphon out 10-20% of  water from the aquarium into a pail
Step 3. Clean the filter media with aquarium water
Step 4. Add in appropriate dosage of A into a pail filled with tapwater 
* A: water conditioner 
( Eg. Tetra AquaSafe NH/CL, JBL Biotopol Plus & Mydilab Tensiongon)
Step 5. Fill in the water slowly
Step 6. Add in live bacteria like JBL Denitrol or Mydilab Bactoclean in aquarium or filter. Finally, switch on the filter and light