About Chew Thean Yeang Aquatic & Pet


Our Mission

  • L earning is fun & pursuing excellent growth.
  • O ptimising partnership with our key stakeholders.
  • V aluing of ethical, integrity & trust.
  • E mbracing positive thinking & teamwork spirit.
  • S erving our community & caring our environment.

Our Concept

  • As an one stop aquarium & pet centre by providing convenience and fulfil the demand of aquatic & pets lover.
  • Provide the best skills & techniques to improve the pet’s lifestyle.
  • As a pioneer in aquatic & pets industry and lead the trend of LOVE PETS AS YOUR FAMILY MEMBER.
  • As a centre that always share the professional knowledge & skill for the aquatic & pets hobbyists.
  • Play role as an educator in aquatic & pets field for all category of public
  • Not only as one of the tourism attractions in Malaysia, but also bring in the exchange and reputation of Malaysia.