Beginner Care Guide of Betta Fish

Date Posted: 2023-02-02 16:23:38

Common Name: Betta/ Siamese Fighting Fish

Scientific Name: Betta splendens

Average Size: Up to 6cm

Life Span: 2 – 3 years with proper care

pH: 6.5 – 7.8

Temperature: 24°C – 30°C

Water Hardness: 5 – 18 dH



Betta are carnivores. They eat animal matter including fresh, freeze-dried or frozen foods.

Swimming Behavior:

They will swim in all water regions and tend to rest at the bottom. Betta breath by gulping air from water surface.


Male betta are aggressive towards each other. Female bettas are not aggressive and can live peacefully together.


Aquarium Placement:

Keep away the aquarium from direct sunlight and electronics goods.

Aquarium Size:

A minimum of 3 Liters of aquarium tank is needed to house a betta. The tank should be well-covered.


Place some rock, plants or ornamental in the aquarium to make your aquarium look simple and nice.


6-8 hours of lighting is recommended. Avoid extended exposure of lighting in prevent the growth of algae.

Water Temperature:

Maintain the water temperature in between 24°C – 30°C.

Water Change:

Advised weekly change 10% of your aquarium water by using cleaning tools, at least 30% of aquarium water monthly.

Water Conditioner:

Water Conditioner such as Mydilab Betta Relax can help to strengthen immune system and also boost up body coloration.


Staple Diet:

JBL Novo Betta, JBL NovoBea, JBL Novo Granocolor, Sanyu Betta are good choice of main food to promote growth and enhance body coloration.


Bloodworms and tubifex worms are a good choice.


Feeding your fish 1-2 times in small amount daily, remove any uneaten fish food after 2-3 minutes. Alternately, feed 2-4 meals per week for treat and supplement.


Sign of healthy:

- Clear eyes

- Smooth and clean in appearance

- Healthy appetite

- Calm and steady gill movement

- Bright and even body coloration

Sign of illness:

- Loss of body coloration or appetite

- Lying on the bottom of aquarium

- Poor growth or weight loss

- Fins clamped to sides

- Scraping body on rocks

If you notice any illness sign(s), please to test water quality and improve it if necessary.


- If wish to keep female along with the male, buy a females to reduce the chance of harassment from male.

- Regular water change and an appropriate filtration is needed to maintain a good water quality.

- Check water quality by using JBL Test Kit at least once a week.

- Wash hand with soap after each time handling your fish pond.