• Contain nutrients and trace elements to ensure water plants are healthy and thriving.
  • New formula specially design for red plants, enhancing the color and promote growth.
  • More easily for plants to absorb iron and consume the energy they need.

<How to use>

  • Use cap as measure scale, inner cap is 5ml and outer cap is 10ml. Recommended weekly water change: 30-50%
  • For weekly use, use 10ml for every 50L of water.
  • If the green plants are not growing well, add 1ml of Premium Water Plant Fertilizer for every 60L of water.

<Tips for growing red plants>

  1. Strong lighting
  2. High volume of CO2
  3. Low nitrogen and phosphorus tank so don't have too many fishes
  4. Keep the temperature at 22℃~26℃


  • Store in cool area, avoid direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

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