Our KERA + food supplement (in 200ml) is enriched with trace elements and 3 & 6 Omega , essential fatty acids with nutritive and moisturizing properties.
Actions :
  • helps restore radiance and brightness to dry, dull and fragile coats
  • Allows the activation of the natural moulting process and helps reduce hair loss
  • Relieves itching, nourishes and moisturizes irritated skin
Our JOINT + food supplement (in 200ml) is formulated with extracts of Bamboo, Birch, Meadowsweet and enriched with Calcium, to relieve the joints and contribute to the well-being of your animal.
Actions :
  • helps strengthen and relieve joints
  • improves mobility
  • contributes to the well-being of your pet
Our VITAL + food supplement (in 200ml) is formulated with cod liver oil, source of A, E and D vitamins.
Actions :
  • facilitates physical recovery
  • helps relieve muscle during exercise
  • brings tone and vitality
Our DIGEST + food complement (in 200ml) is formulated with extracts of Milk Thistle, Green Anise and Probiotics, for a better digestive comfort.
Actions :
  • helps improve the digestive process
  • allows the intestinal flora balance
  • helps eliminate bloating and flatulence situation
Our Phytoverm food supplement (in 200ml) is formulated with extracts of thyme and garlic, for a better intestinal comfort.

This food complements comes in the form of a liquid solution, easy to administer thanks to its measuring cap.

100% natural food supplement

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